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Delta Engineering

When designing a structure to serve a specified function for public use, Delta Engineering accounts for its safety, constructability, and serviceability while taking into consideration economic and/or physical constraints. Our firm successfully works with Architects, Contractors, and Owners to develop the most cost effective and sustainable design concepts based on each project’s specific requirements. Delta provides a full range of structural engineering services including: the design of residential homes, commercial and office buildings, technical specifications and protocols, structural evaluation and analysis, plans and peer review, renovation and additions, and component design.

Sarasota Headquarters
6497 Parkland Drive, Suite C
Sarasota, FL 34243
p: (941) 727-2600  |  f: (941) 758-5012

Naples Office
999 Vanderbilt Beach Road, #200
Naples, FL 34108
p: (239) 417-4458  |  f: (941) 758-5012

Fort Lauderdale Office
500 E. Broward Boulevard, #1710
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33394
p: (954) 577-3779  |  f: (941) 758-5012



KWA Engineers
Serving St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa 
1411 N West Shore Blvd., Suite 201
Tampa FL 33607-4529
P (813) 228-8212
F (813) 223-9864
Josh Mannix, PE, Area Manager